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 Construction Safety Consultation

Alliance Safety specializes in comprehensive safety consultation services tailored for both construction sites and facilities of any scale. Whether you need expert guidance in developing safety plans, training your team on industry best practices, or conducting thorough audits to ensure compliance, our experienced consultants are here to support you every step of the way. From manufacturing facilities to construction sites, our goal is to enhance safety protocols and mitigate risks effectively.


Facility and Jobsite Inspections  

Alliance Safety will perform workplace safety inspections / audits to help identify potential hazards.  Regular workplace inspections to identify hazards is a requirement of OSHA / ADOSH.  Our experienced safety professionals will work to keep you in compliance. 


Training Programs 

All workers are required to be trained in the hazards associated with their tasks.  Alliance Safety has trained tens of thousands of students over the last 26 years.  With cutting edge programs that keep the workers engaged, our classes are an effective way to reduce incidents and injuries while keeping you compliant. 


Safety Program Management 

Safety Program Management has a lot of moving parts.  That does not mean that it needs to be difficult or expensive.  With our experience, Alliance Safety has the skill set to handle every aspect of safety management including accident / incident investigation, claims management and program development and enhancement. 

Packaged Services

In addition to the following package plans, a customized plan and proposal can be provided. 

Package #1


  • Two jobsite facility inspections per month in the Metro Phoenix area 

  • Safety Data Management System to track inspections, training, SDS and other safety-related items 

  • Discounted Training on all safety related topics 

$1,200.00 per month 

Package #2


  • Package #1

  • Four (4) hours of training per month on a selected subject(s) at the Alliance Safety training room.  This can include onsite training in certain subjects such as forklift and MEWP.  


$1800.00 per month 

*class size maximum is 20; excludes OSHA 10/OSHA 30/Rigging & Signaling. 

Package #3


  • Package #2

  • Safety Program Management

  • Safety Program Review 

  • Claims Management 

  • Incident Investigation  


$3000.00 per month

*some restrictions may apply 


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