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In Person Training Covid19 Policy

The following protocols are required when attending any training course at our facility:

  • Every attendee must social distance 6 feet, including in our parking lot.

  • We ask that everyone bring and wear a mask at all times. If someone forgets to, we will provide them one. 

  • Everyone’s temperatures will be taken at the door. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to attend.

  • Everyone is required to fill out an Attestation Form that discloses whether they’ve had Covid19 or have been in contact with someone that has.

  • We ask everyone bring their own drinks. No drinks will be provided. We have a No-Touch water fountain that can fill any bottles brought. 

  • No food is allowed in the building. 

  • Anyone that refuses to comply with our protocols will not be allowed to attend the training and will be asked to leave.

Alliance Safety's responsibilities will include:

  • Having the training room and surrounding areas clean and sanitized

  • Implementing social distance policies and mask wearing

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for everyone to use

These protocols reflect the CDC's recommendations and will change when any new information is released. 

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